A random selection of semi-literate thoughts

Hmm this is the 2nd time of writing this post. WordPress apparently thought it was appropriate to chow down on the first draft.

My life is changing. I feel for the better. A few people who know me won’t think so. (no G, this time not you 🙂 ) I can’t help that. No longer am I going to try to change who I am, it doesn’t work, it just seems to cause me stress, and as I believe this life is pretty much all there is, I’d rather not spend it stressed. It seems to me this isn’t a bad motive really. It doesn’t have to have negative effects.

I have never claimed to be perfect by any means. I may have been appearing to be perfect occasionally (yahright!). I am as perfect as I can be. I try harder than anyone who knows me, not my partner, not my mother, etc. knows. On re-reading, that sentence did make sense, you may have to do a doubletake on it though 🙂

Life seems to be a constant struggle. But, mentioning that is basically being an arse, because my beautiful other half has more of a struggle every day than I have in a month. She barely sees me because I work so much. I can’t really fix that immediately but… I can work on taking breaks from the physical side of the work. The online side, answering emails, fending off idiots etc, I can do from a laptop. I believe they even have internet access north of Watford Gap services now 🙂

I suppose the entire point of this post is to allow me to organize my thoughts right now.

It’s not working, they’re more disorganized than ever LOL, yet somehow I am managing to carry on with work even while typing this (I keep breaking off to pack a parcel or answer a question etc).

It’s difficult for people to understand my job, even those closest to me:-( My grandmother was convinced I was playing on the computer the whole time, and I do chat a lot to friends (and blog now even) but it doesn’t mean I am not working! LOL

I shall post this now and see what happens


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