Yes, I finally got a blog, only nearly a decade after everyone else

Why did ‘he who will never get a blog’ finally get a blog? Mainly to bitch. Bitching at people tends to annoy them, so I figure, if I bitch here, anyone reading it is doing so BY CHOICE and therefore, it’s not my fault, right?

I have a website too, but… I last updated it about 4 years ago, editing html by hand is just… time consuming, so, a blog it is! I had a ‘rants’ section on the site, this will probably be similar. Mainly my (often way out of step with other people) opinions, complaints, (I tend to do that a lot, if you know me, you also already know that)

As I try to explan to people, it’s not really a ‘all I do is find fault’ thing, it’s part of being British that I’ve taken to extremes. There’s a lot I feel positive about, but, on the whole, it doesn’t move me to scream it at people… the negatives do. So, there you have it. More negativity. Hopefully though, some of my weird opinions and ideas might be useful, or just mildly amusing or time consuming to someone.


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