Finally, a new post!

July 2, 2012

It’s been dragged to my attention, I mean brought to my attention, I haven’t logged in and/or posted a post….[that seems redundant] in over 2 years.

I shall hopefully fix this problem shortly 🙂


A random selection of semi-literate thoughts

April 12, 2010

Hmm this is the 2nd time of writing this post. WordPress apparently thought it was appropriate to chow down on the first draft.

My life is changing. I feel for the better. A few people who know me won’t think so. (no G, this time not you 🙂 ) I can’t help that. No longer am I going to try to change who I am, it doesn’t work, it just seems to cause me stress, and as I believe this life is pretty much all there is, I’d rather not spend it stressed. It seems to me this isn’t a bad motive really. It doesn’t have to have negative effects.

I have never claimed to be perfect by any means. I may have been appearing to be perfect occasionally (yahright!). I am as perfect as I can be. I try harder than anyone who knows me, not my partner, not my mother, etc. knows. On re-reading, that sentence did make sense, you may have to do a doubletake on it though 🙂

Life seems to be a constant struggle. But, mentioning that is basically being an arse, because my beautiful other half has more of a struggle every day than I have in a month. She barely sees me because I work so much. I can’t really fix that immediately but… I can work on taking breaks from the physical side of the work. The online side, answering emails, fending off idiots etc, I can do from a laptop. I believe they even have internet access north of Watford Gap services now 🙂

I suppose the entire point of this post is to allow me to organize my thoughts right now.

It’s not working, they’re more disorganized than ever LOL, yet somehow I am managing to carry on with work even while typing this (I keep breaking off to pack a parcel or answer a question etc).

It’s difficult for people to understand my job, even those closest to me:-( My grandmother was convinced I was playing on the computer the whole time, and I do chat a lot to friends (and blog now even) but it doesn’t mean I am not working! LOL

I shall post this now and see what happens

A Meh post

April 6, 2010

Yes, Meh. It’s kind of how I feel. Difficult to explain reasons when you really don’t know yourself. I have been told by 3 independent people now that I need sunshine. Should I take this as a hint? I have been meaning to post posts… that looks weird, here for about 3 months now, but have never got round to it. The only people reading this will be people I force to, but so be it. I’ve been too busy. I came to a conclusion today. It’s time to put prices up. Screw it. I have held my prices constant for three years now. I am not making as much profit as I need to, and my work is undervalued… It’s time now

First real bitching post

January 18, 2010

And who’d have thought it, it’s about wordpress itself. Why the hell is it necessary for this to be so damned complicated? It’s a BLOG, not a freaking nuclear power plant. It needs basic controls that are visible to the bloody user. It’s no damned use putting basic controls at the bottom of the page where you have to scroll to get to them. Basic rule of web design. Does nobody take usability seriously? Get a grip!

Yes, I finally got a blog, only nearly a decade after everyone else

January 18, 2010

Why did ‘he who will never get a blog’ finally get a blog? Mainly to bitch. Bitching at people tends to annoy them, so I figure, if I bitch here, anyone reading it is doing so BY CHOICE and therefore, it’s not my fault, right?

I have a website too, but… I last updated it about 4 years ago, editing html by hand is just… time consuming, so, a blog it is! I had a ‘rants’ section on the site, this will probably be similar. Mainly my (often way out of step with other people) opinions, complaints, (I tend to do that a lot, if you know me, you also already know that)

As I try to explan to people, it’s not really a ‘all I do is find fault’ thing, it’s part of being British that I’ve taken to extremes. There’s a lot I feel positive about, but, on the whole, it doesn’t move me to scream it at people… the negatives do. So, there you have it. More negativity. Hopefully though, some of my weird opinions and ideas might be useful, or just mildly amusing or time consuming to someone.